Technical Assistance


HealthComm harnesses in-depth knowledge of public health principles and practical understanding of program delivery to translate clinical practice into scientifically accurate and appealing health marketing tools.  Services include strategic planning, concept development, and program design. Do you also need help with funding proposals?  We’ve done it all—drafted statements of work and request for proposals, developed funding relationships, convened teams, managed development efforts, wrote, edited, compiled, submitted proposals, and responded to grantor queries.


Who better than an experienced manager to offer that much-needed extra pair of hands? Do you need help creating training materials, staff performance measures, and policy and procedures manuals? WE’VE BEEN THERE! We’ve been the manager developing the tools, the top-level leader reviewing the materials, the client approving those plans, and the staffer or constituent relying on those manuals.


HealthComm also helps you evaluate how effectively you are engaging and empowering your target audiences. It can be surprising to learn what fresh eyes pick up. We analyze program metrics, highlight achievements, and document your performance and triumphs. Additional services include development of evaluation tools, needs assessments and customer satisfaction surveys.

Contact us for help with your short-term and long-term public health program needs.